So I'm Bellabagu. 

Okay, I'm actually Bagu. 

Donna Bagonna Bagu, according to my sweet Mother. That would be my childhood 

nickname. There was a song and everything but you'd have to ask her to sing it for 

you. And she totally would.

I have loved jewellery for as long as I can remember, and I have loved to create 

probably even longer than that! And still it took almost forever before I realized 

these two things should come together. Finally in the Winter of 2009, I decided to 

stop buying other people's jewellery and wishing it looked this way, or would be 

almost exactly what i wanted if only they had done this and not that. Bellabagu 

bracelets & things was finally born when I stopped talking and started creating.

With my background in fashion and retail, I have a keen eye for detail and style. All 

of my pieces are lovingly designed and created by my own two hands. I believe that 

jewellery complimenting fashion is essential. Never let a piece wear you! 

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