Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Making a list...

Create your own Bellabagu wish list!

Are you one of those people that love to shop for the perfect gift? Do you get a thrill when you know you’ve got something they’ll really love and that you just can’t wait to give? Does this sound unfamiliar to you, but you’d love to know what that feels like?
I can tell you from experience that knowing you’ve managed to get your loved one something they’ll love and not want to re gift is an awesome feeling.

I think we can all agree gift giving can be tricky. So much guess work involved and often there are time constraints. Either you haven’t given yourself enough time, or all the wandering around aimless in shops  has led to no gift and no time left. Enter stress and doubt - the enemies of gift giving. There comes a point where over thinking has derailed many a good gift idea. Over thinking should not be confused with putting thought into a gift. Trust me. I have worked retail my entire live and witnessed many, many poor gift giving choices. People will choose and then talk themselves right out of something they just declared was perfect for her! But don’t get me started on those retail stories. Another time…

This is why gift registries make so much sense. You know the scenario: an individual compiles a wish list of items their friends and family can then shop from.  Everybody wins. The giver does not stress and the receiver is thrilled with their gift. What’s that you say? Not getting married, not having a kid? Not a problem! Why should gift registries be limited to those occasions anyway?

Bellabagu has a gift registry and it’s super easy to use. And everybody wins. All you do is create your own wish list of Bellabagu jewellery and then let us and your loved ones do the rest. Email us at with your list. When the next special occasion comes around all you need to do is give our info to your loved ones and we’ll take care of the rest!

Gift registry = everybody wins

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