Monday, 28 October 2013

Introducing Bellabagu Rewards!

Just for you. Because you are awesome. And appreciated. 

So thrilled to announce Bellabagu Rewards. Just my way of saying thank you to my many loyal and amazing clients. Including all purchases made in 2013, and launched just in time for your Holiday shopping. That means you can totally take advantage of "the buy one for them, one for me strategy" and not feel even a little bit of guilt!

So, how does it work? What are my rewards? Does this mean I have yet another loyalty card for my already George Costanza sized wallet? 

It's easy, rewarding and effortless on your part. Sound good?

All you do is continue to purchase the Bellabagu jewellery you want. All of your purchases will be tracked, in a non creepy kind of way! This means every purchase is recorded by me for you. This includes gift giving. You let me know at the time of purchase the name of the recipient and it will mean no chance of duplicate gifts in the future. All of that gets tracked in your Bellabagu file. 

Every time you reach $200, you will instantly be rewarded a $10 Bellabagu credit. You can use it anytime. You can check your status any time by sending emailing

Speaking of gift giving (and getting!) there is also a Bellabagu Gift Registry. Often overheard at our Trunk Shows friends will tell each other outright "if you're looking to get me a gift, I want this."
So another service we offer is the Bellabagu Gift Registry. Tell us what you want and who we should contact about it. It's that easy!

Buying Bellabagu just got a little more rewarding!

Monday, 7 October 2013

All the little details...

The office makeover has been underway for two weeks now! I'm so eager to get back in and "dress" the room. But I really want everything else to be complete before I do that.

So...the chandelier gets installed tomorrow! It's an old house with no existing over head lighting, so it has been killing me to wait. But the electrician comes tomorrow...Can't. Wait.

You already know the colour on the walls. Stormy Monday by Benjamin Moore. It's a lovely grey that works well with the cream wainscoting and mostly cream furniture. It's also going to be an amazing back drop for all of my lovely stones, displays and props!

There's a closet in the room and it desperately needed some new doors. My awesome Uncle installed those yesterday and Mom painted the inside of the closet a lovely colour I highly recommend you use somewhere. Anywhere! It's also from Benjamin Moore and it is Wythe Blue. Such a great idea to paint the inside of your closet when your painting the room. Makes a huge difference!

And of course those new office doors needed some bling. You would expect nothing less from Bellabagu, right? Check out these gorgeous knobs!

It's been fun putting it altogether, but I am really excited to have this project checked off my list so I can get back to creating jewellery. Oh and of course share the final results with you.


Thursday, 26 September 2013

Fall for change

Sometimes you just need a change of scenery

Fall is the perfect time for change. Most people regard January as the time for change and new beginnings, but for me it's always been September. Must be that whole back to school thing: clean slate, fresh start.

And so the change for Bellabagu for Fall is a brand new work space!

Okay, okay, same space. New colour, new layout, new light (I hope!)

Why? Why you ask, are you doing that now at the busiest time of year? That's easy! In order to be my most productive and most creative I need to be surrounded by beautiful things. For me, that means a work space that I will love walking into every morning, and hate to leave every afternoon (okay who am I kidding, evening). A space that even if I'm not feeling the calm and creativity before, once I enter I will be inspired.

Took me ages, but I finally found the right shade of grey. I knew all along that grey was the colour for me. Always has been. But finding that perfect, mid tone grey with enough life and the right under tone, well I wasn't prepared for just how long that particular journey would take. Oh brother. But I did find it - thank you once again Benjamin Moore.

Looking forward to sharing the after of my new work space...Picture it: lovely grey walls, mostly cream furniture, touches of honey toned wood, a crystal chandelier, and shelves of little glass jars housing the most beautiful semi precious stones.

Ah, I can see it already...can't wait to get in there and create.

Thursday, 15 August 2013

Jewellery Trunk Show

Have you ever thought of hosting a jewellery trunk show in your own home? What could be better than spending some time with your jewellery loving friends, and shopping from the comfort of your dining room?

It's that time of year...Fall is about to kick into high gear and the calendar is filling up fast with dates for Bellabagu Trunk Shows. So now you're asking yourself, what is a Trunk Show? Well, that's when I pack up all of my jewels and an impressive amount of lovely props and displays (but that's another blog post!) and head to a client's house to set up a little Bellabagu Pop Up Shop in their home, usually right there on the dining room table! The hostess invites whomever they think will enjoy the jewellery, they prepare snacks and maybe tidy the house and then we show up and do the rest!
Never a hard sell - because I have never been one that responds well to that myself. Instead, I let the jewellery speak for itself. No tupperware party type demonstrations here! Just a few hours spent with great company and beautiful jewellery. 
Oh and of course the hostess is rewarded for all of her hard work. It really is a lot of fun. The trunk shows for me, are a way to watch and learn and listen to clients. And that always translates to more inspiration!

Thursday, 1 August 2013

What's in a name?

Bellabagu? What does that mean?

Yup, I get that a lot.

Okay let's start at the beginning. When you are deciding to create your own company the name you give it is one of the first decisions and most important things. Bella struck me as being a great name. I'm half Italian. I love the way beautiful sounds in Italian. It's also what I call my three amazing nieces who are indeed beautiful little people inside and out. So Bella seemed like a good idea. Yup, we're calling it Bella! And then I quickly realized how many companies were named Bella. I remember I was going to rethink it entirely, until my sister said "no, no we can make this work. It just needs something..."

And so, over afternoon tea with my sister, aunt and Mama ( a girl needs trusted advisors and these women are VERY trusted, full of advice and amazing support) the name BellaBagu was suggested. First I laughed and then I LOVED it. It was so personal. No one else would be named Bellabagu, that was a certainty. It was sweet and charming and required a wee bit of an explanation.

Bagu (pronounced buhgu, not bag - very important) is the childhood nickname given to me by my sweet Mama (who is awesome for many reasons, not just her ability to give great nicknames). The full version is Donna Bagonna Bagu. And there is a song. Yes, a bit silly to you, but very normal for my household. You kinda have to know my Mama. And that song, she would totally sing it for you if you asked. Guaranteed.

So there you have it a combination of childhood nicknames and Bellabagu bracelets & things was officially created.

the Bellas