Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Spring. So close and yet...

The truth is I have been dreaming about Spring since before Christmas. For me it's not usually a weather thing, although this year...

I get to a point in every season - regardless of the weather - where I just cannot look at the current merchandise in stores any longer. I think I feel "done" a lot sooner than most. Let's move on! What's next?
This was even more pronounced in my former life as a clothing and accessories buyer for a boutique. I was always a season, sometimes two ahead. It would be the middle of August, selling Summer, setting up for Fall, buying for Spring and unpacking Christmas merchandise all in the same week. I loved that.

At this point in the Winter, I get the same feeling. A sort of cross between cabin fever and winter blahs. I desperately want to get out and go somewhere and see pretty things. For me, this would mean visiting the little towns and shops and boutiques that I love. I need to see what's new and exciting for Spring. I crave colour. I want to lay my tired Winter eyes on new and lovely things. But then I think, what if they don't have their stock yet? Nothing more depressing to me than tired, picked over sale merchandise from four months ago. And it's freezing cold. And I have salt stains on everything I own. So, yeah, maybe in another few weeks.

Until things start to thaw and the deep freeze eases up a bit, I'll continue to work away in the studio on new pieces for Spring. Because if you create for it, it will come...right? That's how that works. Right?

Pantone's colours for Spring 2014

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