Thursday, 1 August 2013

What's in a name?

Bellabagu? What does that mean?

Yup, I get that a lot.

Okay let's start at the beginning. When you are deciding to create your own company the name you give it is one of the first decisions and most important things. Bella struck me as being a great name. I'm half Italian. I love the way beautiful sounds in Italian. It's also what I call my three amazing nieces who are indeed beautiful little people inside and out. So Bella seemed like a good idea. Yup, we're calling it Bella! And then I quickly realized how many companies were named Bella. I remember I was going to rethink it entirely, until my sister said "no, no we can make this work. It just needs something..."

And so, over afternoon tea with my sister, aunt and Mama ( a girl needs trusted advisors and these women are VERY trusted, full of advice and amazing support) the name BellaBagu was suggested. First I laughed and then I LOVED it. It was so personal. No one else would be named Bellabagu, that was a certainty. It was sweet and charming and required a wee bit of an explanation.

Bagu (pronounced buhgu, not bag - very important) is the childhood nickname given to me by my sweet Mama (who is awesome for many reasons, not just her ability to give great nicknames). The full version is Donna Bagonna Bagu. And there is a song. Yes, a bit silly to you, but very normal for my household. You kinda have to know my Mama. And that song, she would totally sing it for you if you asked. Guaranteed.

So there you have it a combination of childhood nicknames and Bellabagu bracelets & things was officially created.

the Bellas

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Mom said...

Way to go Bagu! love Mom