Thursday, 26 September 2013

Fall for change

Sometimes you just need a change of scenery

Fall is the perfect time for change. Most people regard January as the time for change and new beginnings, but for me it's always been September. Must be that whole back to school thing: clean slate, fresh start.

And so the change for Bellabagu for Fall is a brand new work space!

Okay, okay, same space. New colour, new layout, new light (I hope!)

Why? Why you ask, are you doing that now at the busiest time of year? That's easy! In order to be my most productive and most creative I need to be surrounded by beautiful things. For me, that means a work space that I will love walking into every morning, and hate to leave every afternoon (okay who am I kidding, evening). A space that even if I'm not feeling the calm and creativity before, once I enter I will be inspired.

Took me ages, but I finally found the right shade of grey. I knew all along that grey was the colour for me. Always has been. But finding that perfect, mid tone grey with enough life and the right under tone, well I wasn't prepared for just how long that particular journey would take. Oh brother. But I did find it - thank you once again Benjamin Moore.

Looking forward to sharing the after of my new work space...Picture it: lovely grey walls, mostly cream furniture, touches of honey toned wood, a crystal chandelier, and shelves of little glass jars housing the most beautiful semi precious stones.

Ah, I can see it already...can't wait to get in there and create.

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